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BMW K100

The aim with our K100 was to create a bike that could do a little bit of everything, that made you want to ride it every day, while still fitting our aesthetic goals to simplify and modernise.

To create a utilitarian bike to be adapt to as many enviroments as possible, we had to start with performance. Through the use of lightweight composite materials we were able to shed 45kg without compromising on functionality, comfort or the rugged reliability the K100 is famous for.

We upgraded the electrical system, focusing on much improved LED lighting up front, housed in a one off headlight and speedo bezel. This was designed in house, 3D printed and then structurally reinforced with carbon fibre. Adaptations to the fuel pump, injectors and a tuned exhaust maximise the power available, this paired with the weight loss leads to a ride that cannot help put a smile on your face.

We built a custom pannier rack for hard or soft cases and a memory foam seat on a carbon fibre base so that the K100 could do what it loves to do most, road trips! We added progressive fork springs and a fully adjustable rear shock, upgraded discs, braided lines, and dual sport tires. To complete the classic look we polished the tank which gives a nice contrast from the powder coated black components and touches of carbon fibre.



A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The later more powerful air cooled GPZ 750 engine nestles in this 1980 Z650 frame. The project plan is to create an aggressive, carbon fibre clad, street tracker. Performance is a key focus. Along with the bump in power we aim to reduce weight everywhere we can.


A street tracker is a delicate balance, sacrifices must be made. To be legal for the road and still able to thrash when needed on the dirt. We have a lot of great events popping up and down the UK recently that feature some sort of dirt racing element. Motorcycles at their core should be fun to ride, and what’s more fun than sliding sideways?



The G/S is an important bike, there is no way around it. Both historically, and sentimentally for D/MO. The bike has been an urban workhorse for the last 20 years and is well in need of a rebirth. It has collected parts from many different model R twins over the years, and as such a classical restoration would just not be fitting.


We aim to restomod, taking huge inspiration from Paris - Dakar race bikes of the 80s, while using modern materials to create a D/MO take on this iconic era of bikes.

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