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My name is Jack Donaldson, my background is in the research and development of innovative composite technologies and their application to aerospace manufacturing. I love to design new products and solve their manufacturing challenges. Motorcycles have been an obsession ever since my early teens and naturally became my creative outlet for the skills and knowledge gained through my professional career.

I started D/MO in 2018 to document my builds and share them with friends, family and co-workers. Through these projects, I have developed and refined techniques that are applicable to a range of products and industries. In 2022 Donaldson Motors LTD was formed to expand into commercial ventures. My aim has always been to learn as many new skills as possible. This has allowed D/MO to be a small efficient team capable of completing Design, Prototyping, Development and Production all in house. We are based in the South of the UK, just on the edge of the New Forest.

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