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Jack Donaldson

Founding Director

In the early stages of my career I spent nearly a decade working on innovative composite technologies and their application to aerospace manufacturing. I learnt a lot in this fast paced environment and it set me on the path I continue to travel today. D/MO was founded in 2022 to focus on the sort of composite projects that I find most interesting and the areas I feel I can give the most to our clients. 


I have a special passion for anything with two wheels. Both bicycles and motorcycles have played an important part of my life. Designing small carbon fibre bicycle components while riding for a small elite UK cycling team sparked my composite interest. This desire to learn more about composite materials led me directly into industry. Building bespoke motorcycles has always been one of my creative outlets. Allowing me to explore the materials, processes and ideas I was exposed to in my working environment in more detail. 


My aim has always been to learn as many new skills as possible. The long term goal was to understand all areas of the composite design and manufacturing process. I have always tried to maintain balance between my time spent in the workshop and the engineering office. I feel this has played a large part in my affinity for product development and composite DFM (design for manufacture).

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